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Sink or Float? With matzo balls focus on the soup!

Fair warning, this post is more about matzo ball soup than about matzo balls. I can only offer two pieces of advice regarding matzo balls. Firstly, if you have never tried it, do so. Matzo balls are boiled dumplings made from matzo meal (crumbled baked flour crackers made without any leavening or rising agent like […]


Potato Pancakes For Real

Deep fried, crunchy on the fringe and soft in the middle. The potato pancakes, or latkes, that make my kids scream for joy have no commonality with the potato pancakes I ate earlier this week. Those reminded me of growing up. I remember grey pucks of reconstituted potato flakes from a dusty box. Gummy with […]


Instapot Instant-ish Pork Ribs

I got an InstantPot as a Christmas White Elephant Gift Exchange and wondered about its usefulness. I already owned several pressure cookers, a slow cooker, a sous vide, a cast iron skillet and a dutch oven, and lots of good pots and pans. What could the InstantPot do that would tempt me to take the […]