Month: February 2021


Podcast Ep 15. @provisionstonourish

For the 15th podcast my guest is Nicole K, also known as @provisionstonourish. Nicole is an all-star at meal planning, fridge diving and stretching prepared ingredients across multiple meals in different recipes.  We made a braised beef dish and will discuss all the meals that we were able to stretch out of a one pot […]


Podcast Ep 14. @just_a_cook_in_canada

For the 14th Podcast my guest is Sarah Gustafson, known on Instagram as @just_a_cook_in_canada. Sarah lives in the great white north of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is a member of a number of cookbook clubs and collabs. We have several Instagram friends in common, most notably, Hale of @turkishtale the guest of episode 10.  We […]


Podcast Ep 13. @zsuzsannadeer

For the thirteenth episode, my guest is @Zsuzsannadeer. Zsuzsanna grew up in Hungary and now lives one town away in Fairfield CT. Her Instagram page incorporates Hungarian dishes and food that emphasizes gluten free cooking and eating for wellness.