Month: January 2021


Podcast Ep 12. @meemalee

For the 12th episode, my guest is MiMi Aye , also known as @meemalee. The daughter of Burmese born doctors, Mimi traveled regularly from her home in England to Myanmar. She shares her stories about Burmese food and family life in her book Mandalay. In addition to her books, Mimi also has a tremendously successful […]


Podcast Ep 11. @platelessordinary

For the 11th episode, my guest is Emma, also  known as the @platelessordinary. Originally from New York, Emma lives in the DC area.  She describes herself as an adventurous and ambitious home cook. Her Instagram page is exactly about this and I would also add that Emma is an adventurous and ambitious traveler. Our conversation […]


Podcast Ep 10. @turkish.tale

For the tenth episode, my guest is Hale also known as @turkish.tale. Hale has lived in Turkey, grew up in Kuwait and now resides in the Netherlands. She is an enthusiastic cook featuring dishes that emphasize her Turkish and Palestinian roots. Our conversation was about making kadınbuduköfte, a Turkish meatball, Turkish breakfasts, her family recipes […]


Podcast Ep 9. @munchinmumma

For the ninth episode, my guest is Chef Dantii also known as the @munchinmumma. Chef Dantii grew up in and around NYC (The Bronx!) before moving to Atlanta. Her Instagram page is dotted with vegan dishes that emphasize health and flavor and she has developed a brand around wellness and good food. Our conversation was […]