Month: January 2020


Chinese New Year Meal #2: Chatham Seafood Restaurant

After walking/napping off a spectacularly large lunch, we reconvened for dinner. The purpose of the dinner was to celebrate the recent engagement of my niece. Her mother chose Chatham Seafood in Chatham Square, right in the heart of Chinatown, NYC. They gave us three tables with the proviso that we leave by 7:00 pm. We […]


Chinese New Year Meal #1: 88 Palace

I celebrated Chinese New Year last weekend in NYC’s Chinatown. It was a time to reconnect with family and get my Hong Kong fix over the course of two lunches and a dinner. It has been the tradition in my extended family to have the Chinese New Year reunion meal at 88 Palace – a […]


Gruel Britannia Rules The…

The premise behind 8theworld is that it is possible to find restaurants that ring true to the culture represented with only slight accommodations to the American palate. Given the ethnic communities in the NYC area, I expected that Asian and Latin America cuisines would feature often. I was shocked and delighted to stumble across Gruel […]


Potato Pancakes For Real

Deep fried, crunchy on the fringe and soft in the middle. The potato pancakes, or latkes, that make my kids scream for joy have no commonality with the potato pancakes I ate earlier this week. Those reminded me of growing up. I remember grey pucks of reconstituted potato flakes from a dusty box. Gummy with […]


A Pierogi and a Funeral

This story began at a funeral — the father of someone whose friendship I can measure in decades. It was as beautiful and perfect as these things go. I was close enough to have fond memories of his father, but not so close that I was blinded by grief. I was touched by the sincerity […]


Instapot Instant-ish Pork Ribs

I got an InstantPot as a Christmas White Elephant Gift Exchange and wondered about its usefulness. I already owned several pressure cookers, a slow cooker, a sous vide, a cast iron skillet and a dutch oven, and lots of good pots and pans. What could the InstantPot do that would tempt me to take the […]


Haitian Food In CT

On the large screen TV next to the ordering window, a charismatic preacher laid down verse to his flock. His ministry was filled with Haitian women, heads covered in white lace, ecstatically engaging his calls in Creole. This service must have been a real classic. The subtitle on the TV screen said 3 Avril 2016, […]


8theWorld Dinner #2: An Issan Retreat in Bangkok

Buoyed by the success of the first dinner in Manila, I quickly organized another one in Bangkok. This proved to be harder than I first thought. In Manila, Manam was the ideal choice for a dinner because their menu hit a wide swath across Filipino cuisine. In Bangkok, I looked for a restaurant that […]


8theWorld Dinner #1: Filipino Comfort Food

This post was supposed to be a light-hearted romp through Filipino cuisine. I was going to write a story or two about the days when I stayed in a nipa hut on Boracay Island (spoiler alert, the island has been de-nipa-fied and maximum resort-ed), or how I bravely sustained myself in Cebu for three days […]


The Two Wo Hops

On Mott Street in the heart of New York’s Chinatown, two restaurants sit side by side. One is at ground level and the other is in a basement accessible through stairs leading down from the street. The signage looks nearly identical “Wo Hop” at 17 Mott Street and “Wo Hop” with “City Inc.” in a […]